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Атомно-силовая микроскопия. Статьи (pdf)

Recognition force microscopy/spectroscopy of ion channels: applications to the skeletal muscle Ca2+ release channel (RYR1)
Two-dimensional crystals: a powerful approach to assess structure, function and dynamics of membrane proteins (Оля)
Molecular imaging of Escherichia coli FoF1-ATPase in reconstituted membranes using atomic force microscopy
Atomic force microscopy detection of molecular complexes in multiprotein P450cam-containing monooxygenase system.
Is rhodopsin dimeric in native retinal rods?
Rhodopsin dimers in native disc membranes
Structural Changes in Native Membrane Proteins Monitored at Subnanometer Resolution with the Atomic Force Microscope: A Review
Unfolding Pathways of Individual Bacteriorhodopsins
High resolution AFM topographs of Rubrivivax gelatinosus light-harvesting complex LH2
Structure and Composition of the Fusion Pore
Membrane protein reconstitution and crystallization by controlled dilution
Observing single biomolecules at work with the atomic force microscope
A Physical Approach to Reduce Nonspecific Adhesion in Molecular Recognition Atomic Force Microscopy
Observing structure, function and assembly of single proteins by AFM
Imaging the Electrostatic Potential of Transmembrane Channels: Atomic Probe Microscopy of OmpF Porin (Саша)
Progress in the analysis of membrane protein structure and function
Reconstitution and Imaging of a Membrane Protein in a Nanometer-Size Phospholipid Bilayer
Structural activity of a cloned potassium channel (ROMK1) monitored with the atomic force microscope: The “molecular-sandwich” technique
Ring-like pore structures of SecA: Implication for bacterial protein-conducting channels
Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of Modular Proteins in the Nervous System

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